erik polder

I’m Erik Polder, a talented music producer and senior software developer based in the serene countryside of Sweden. Living amidst nature’s beauty inspires both my music production and software development processes.

As a music producer, I specialize in creating immersive and emotive soundscapes using a wide range of vintage analog synthesizers. These timeless instruments bring a unique warmth and character to my compositions, infusing them with a distinct vintage charm that captivates listeners. Whether it’s the rich tones of a classic Moog or the intricate textures of a Roland Juno-60, I harness the power of these vintage synths to create engaging and dynamic tracks that resonate deeply.

In addition to my passion for music, I offer comprehensive software development solutions, drawing on my deep understanding of order management and automotive.

With a broad knowledge base, I streamline processes and develop efficient software solutions that empower businesses to thrive in their respective industries.

Living close to nature has shaped my life perspective, influencing my music and software development approach. I believe in harmonious and efficient solutions that align with the natural order of things, just like the timeless beauty of vintage analog synthesizers.

If you’re seeking to elevate your brand’s audio identity, I’m here to collaborate with you. With a passion for crafting remarkable outcomes, I bring together the perfect balance between technology and the serenity of nature, enhanced by the unique sounds of the gear availably in my studio.

Let’s explore how we together can create exceptional results that reflect the beauty, efficiency, and timeless allure of nature and music.


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